A ‘hero’ is a person who gives his valuable contribution to the society. By setting an example for others, the hero rises above those around him and inspires younger generations. People look up to him and wish they could do things that he has done in his lifetime. It’s good to respect people, who’ve done great things that others don’t, but hero-worship has grown enormously in India. It is too big and has both right and wrong consequences. In time, the public modified the definition of a ‘hero’ as per their convenience. Modern heroes aren’t noble people, but a reflection of our persona.

Hero-worship in today’s world, reflects unrequited desires and communalism. Rather than admiring a person for his qualities, people appreciate him for his ‘public image’ in the society. They usually put their idols on a high pedestal and worship them, probably because many they are friends, acquaintances or fellow community members. A fresh example supporting this case is the death of notorious gangster Anandpal in Rajasthan.

‘Rajasthan,’ the land of chivalry and valor has given birth to noble paragons, such as Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, and Bhamashah. The state is proud of gallantry martyrs like Piru Singh, Shaitan Singh, and squadron leader Ajay Ahuja, however the youths have associated themselves with a mafia sachem Anandpal and are blindly supporting him. What an irony!

Today, a few Rajputs, deluded by self-styled Chieftains hero-worship Anandpal, allegedly calling him the ‘Robinhood’ of poor. The unexpected death of Anandpal at the hands of Rajasthan police stirred up a storm in Rajasthan, with tons of Anandpal-followers accusing the government of the alleged encounter. Let’s get something straight, Anandpal certainly wasn’t the messiah of the poor!

He had Benami properties worth several crores in his name. There are around 37 crimes, 6 reported murders, several cases of thefts and burglary registered in his name. He had a history of absconding from prisons. Therefore, the so-called Anandpal aficionados, who’re supporting him for ‘communal reasons’ are guilty of hero worshipping dubious figures.

People need to accept the bitter truth that Anandpal was not a ‘Robinhood’ or a noble person, but a vile criminal. By supporting criminals like Anandpal, people are putting up a wrong example before their younger generations.

Rather than taking a stand for martyrs in J&K and Rajasthan, the supporters of Anandpal are glorifying his misdeeds by arranging a mass condolence ceremony. They’ve put up insensible demands before the government. Unless the government fulfills their demands, they won’t cremate his dead body.

Anandpal’s death raises many important questions.

  • Is it right to blackmail the government for personal interest?
  • Is it right to use a person’s corpse for political benefits?
  • There are two examples of ‘Rajput’ before us: Anandpal vs. Sohan Singh. What future do we want for our kids? Do we want them to become a notorious criminal like Anandpal or a responsible officer like Sohan Singh?
  • Have people forgotten the real meaning of ‘being a Rajput?’

Anandpal’s friends and family must understand that it wasn’t the government or the police that caused his death. It was Karma! He was punished for his misdeeds, which is the fate of all wrongdoers.

A responsible parent wouldn’t want this future for their kid, which is why people need to stop glorifying Anandpal as a hero!


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