This article is a compilation of Tweets & Masala shared by the netizens around the world. The matter is intended purely as fun. We don’t mean to endorse or promote Rahul Gandhi’s views!

Whoever wins elections, nobody can snatch the ‘loser crown’ from Rahul Gandhi. Officially crowned the ‘king of trolls,’ the Congress Vice President has qualities that blow minds (literally).  He possesses the talent of mocking at most serious issues. The election results of 2017 have proven that whichever party he opposes, wins the election with a thumping majority. Regardless, the Twitterati, failing to recognize his talents, has come down harsh on him.

Here are 5 instances where netizens slammed Rahul Gandhi for his nonsense speeches.

  • Rahul, the Sexist!

What he Said: When former US President Obama’s wife would be cooking food in her kitchen, she would admire the utensils that would have ‘Made in Jaunpur’ embossed over them.

Common we ought to thank the guy for making ‘Made in ___’ tags famous in the US!

  • Rahul, the Innovator!

What he Said:You should understand, I am an opposition leader. I can put pressure on the NDA government but cannot take a decision on their behalf. I can’t open potato factory for farmers.


Last we know, potatoes grow on fields and not factories.  However, kudos to Rahul for innovation! Since this is the 21st century and we’re living in the age of machines, he may have thought manufacturing potatoes (like China’s plastic rice) would save us a lot of time!

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  • Rahul, the Statesman!

What he Said: It is my job to be informed on critical issues. I met the Chinese Ambassador, Ex-NSA, Congress leaders from NE & the Bhutanese Ambassador.”

After a series of denial, Rahul finally admitted to meeting the Chinese envoys for ‘greater good.’ Sadly, the nation didn’t appreciate his efforts, as always!

  • Rahul, the Psychologist!

What he Said: Poverty is just a state of mind. If one is self-confident then he can easily overcome poverty

Well, knowing that the entire Congress clan oozes self-confidence, and they aren’t poor, it’s safe to conclude that poverty is a messed up state of mind. It isn’t real guys!

  • Rahul, the Explorer!

What he Said: “Gujarat is Bigger than the United Kingdom!”


Okay, we understand that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the former chief minister, did big things in Gujarat, but then, we didn’t know that RaGa acknowledged his efforts! Last we checked, Gujarat’s extraordinary development rate didn’t make it bigger than the UK!

So, that’s how the world failed to recognize the talents of Rahul Gandhi, the ‘national asset’ of India!


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