In countering the ongoing rumors that ghosts are chopping off women tresses, the police investigation results are intriguing and unbelievable. The police probe suggests that women of the terror-stricken areas cut their hair due to their superstitions. These women then blamed ghosts for performing the chopping activity.

On the next morning, these women find hair tresses lying near the women. Not only this, more amusing was the ‘Trishool’ which had got planted onto the women’s body. The women also complained of feeling sick.

It was the women who had fabricated stories while they were culprits who caused harm to themselves.

Women confessed that they were responsible for the activity. The women admitted that they had cut off their tresses on their own and kept it near them. “We got to know that women were cutting off their own hair, while we interrogated them strictly,” said a police officer at Govindgarh police station. 

Reports say that a total of 12 such incidents were reported at multiple police stations regarding women’s hair being cut off at night by a bizarre creature. The morphed images have engendered a lot of anxiety amongst all villagers in the nearby areas. The misleading information has resulted in villagers becoming hostile towards any strangers.

Areas like Bangarsar, Bajju and Mankasar have been the most controversial villages, as far as this issue is concerned. A few areas in the Western Rajasthan were struck hard by this illusioned hair-cutter. 

Jodhpur Superintendent of Police (Rural), said that the police investigations were being undertaken for ascertaining the truth about the complaints of villagers. The ghost-haircutter is a fictional character, a police said.

The complaints in villages are being linked to low literacy rate in the villages. Sources privy to the matter said that women resorted to trivial matters due to the dearth of education.


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