India is the land of strange places and weird-sounding names. Recently, we learned that families give newborns odd names in a remote village in Bihar. From famous coffee and cycle brands to top Indian destinations, people have the weirdest pet names here. While the world may remember us for bestowing our kids with wacky pet names, they have a decent formal name. Nevertheless, something really unique happened on the night of June 30, 2017. In Rajasthan’s Beawa village, a mother named her daughter GST, after the famous Goods and Services Tax.

On July 1, the much-anticipated GST was introduced in the stroke of midnight. The child was born at 12:02 am on Saturday night, to mark the launch of the Centre’s biggest tax reformation till date. The naming of the newborn indicates that people are slowly warming to the idea of new, centralized taxation system. Most of us are comfortable with the government introducing the GST.

As soon as the child was named GST, wishes started pouring in from all the four corners of the world. Within 24 hours, the news went viral on the social networks. The BJP leaders were quick to shower her with good wishes.

Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje wished a long and healthy life for baby GST. BJP spokesperson Nalin S Kohli took it as a sign of people embracing the new centralized tax system.

GST grew out to be quite a rage amongst citizens in India. Following the rollout of GST, people shared their shopping bills showing the new tax on social networks, especially Twitter. Shoppers are yet to accept the new prices under the GST slab but their excitement seems to be on a whole new level. The social sites were flooded with bills from local eateries and big retail chains. Big Bazaar, one of the biggest retail giants of India was open until late at night. The vendors sold items at new prices in Big Bazaar outlets.

In any case, baby GST is the new talk of the town. She’s just two days old and riding the popularity wave already!


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