Port Wine

A battery of MoUs were signed at the recently held global agri-tech meet, giving way to a lot of innovational procedures and technological findings.

At the global agri-tech meet, an MoU in nexus with Wine made out of dates (khajoor). However, you will have to wait to taste it as the concerned MoU is locked up under red-tape mechanisms (review by bureaucrats).

At the agri-meet, two investors expressed their willingness to produce wine out of dates. Consequently, they also invested a sum of Rs 4 cr towards the commencement of the production process.

Unfortunately, these two investors are still gripped with the clutches of government approvals and permissions to start the project. The duo is about to lay down their plant at Abu Road.

In a bid to expedite the process, an official letter too has been written by agriculture department to the principal secretary finance. “I will look into the matter. No investor will have to face problems for implementation of their project,” said agriculture minister Prabhu Lal Saini.

“We have already framed a policy for manufacturing wine from dates in the state. There should not be any issues if any project fulfills the fixed parameters,” added the minister.

“The investor wanted the government to appoint consultant on their behalf who can guide them in manufacturing of wine. They were told that it is not the work of government. Since then, they have not contacted,” said an official.

Although, Rajasthan witnessed a massive growth in the production of dates, had a bumper production of dates, which is approximately around 2,200 metric tonnes in 2016-17, the state has not processed any unit till date.

The Rajasthan government is exchanging words with some reputed firms to undertake this project. A variety of products made from date, including, jam, candy, tarmid, crush and wine will also be produced.


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