Will Modi Factor again Swing Rajasthan In Vasundhara Raje’s Favour?


The Modi bounce was a significant factor in restricting the anti-incumbency being faced by the BJP government in the state led by former chief minister Vasundhara Raje in vidhan sabha election .might be people of Rajasthan has been forget

Figure out why we are saying have you remember this slogan “Modi tujhse bair nahi, Vasundhara teri khair nahi,” (We have no grudge against Modi, but won’t spare Vasundhara). The slogan that was raised by farmers of Rajasthan earlier this year at the height of a movement demanding loan waivers signifies both the problem

But after The Congress government in Rajasthan may not be able to fulfil its pre-poll promise of farm loan waiver before the upcoming Lok Sabha election  so that factor also goes in against for congress in Rajasthan

The resentment against Vasundhara Raje was so strong that the party wanted to deflect the attention of the voters from issues related to state government to national issues, which included the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While we succeeded in changing the narrative in the state, it was clearly not enough,” said a senior BJP functionary and election strategist.

Defineltly modi govt.will take grant for pakisthan airstrike and move this mode in favour by connecting nationalism of brotherhood in Rajasthan.


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