Wildlife Board of Rajasthan to Discuss Disappearance and Deaths of Tigers in the State

    Deaths of Tigers

    The Standing Committee of the Wildlife Board of Rajasthan is going to conduct a meet at Sariska whereby the agenda will be the death and disappearance of tigers in the state. The increasing number of deaths of tigers at Ranthambore and the poaching cases at Sariska has got the authorities worried on protecting these creatures. Deaths of Tigers 

    Tigers in Crisis Deaths of Tigers 

    Starting from this year, four tigers have died in the state including the two cubs that were found dead at Ranthambore National Park and the ST-11 tiger that was poached at Sariska using a snare trip. Besides, another concern is regarding the ST5 tigress that has gone missing from the past two months. Reportedly, the signals from the big cat’s radio collar at night but its position hasn’t been tracked yet. Deaths of Tigers 

    Deaths of Tigers
    Deaths of Tigers

    In other reports, the two cubs found dead in Ranthambore were reported to be killed by a male tiger but the wildlife experts revealed that the cubs had eaten a bull and there is a possibility that it might have eaten something poisonous like pesticides from the fields which in turn might have poisoned these cubs. More clarity will be given once the test reports are out. Deaths of Tigers 

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    The Committee

    Talking about the standing committee, the objective behind its formation is to manage the daily issues concerning the wildlife as the State Wildlife Board meets twice or thrice in a year. Former Rajasthan DGP Ajit Singh is the Chairman while other members include Valmik Thapar, Girish Kushwaha, Dharmendra Khandal, and Charles Ratnaswami. Besides, some officials of Mukundra and Ranthambore National Park are also expected to attend the meeting.

    Although these issues are not new as the problems have been erupting since 2005, the cases of poaching and tigers going missing have raised concerns throughout the state.

    Countering the Crisis

    The authorities have been strictly instructed to act upon the issues so as to protect the wildlife. Efforts are being made to protect these big cats. Recently, Mukundra National Park recently got its first tiger and is awaiting the relocation of two more tigers soon.

    Furthermore, a special task force is also being prepared at Sariska to counter the cases of poaching. People are being appointed from neighboring villages and are being trained to handle poaching cases. Arrangements are also carried out to equip more advanced surveillance systems to track the activities of these big cats so as to monitor the situation.

    The Sariska Tiger Reserve has even sent a request to Wildlife Institute of India to send their experts in search of the missing tigers but the Institute hasn’t responded yet.


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