When Manvendra Singh had to swallow the Insult on the Congress dais


Manvendra Singh, MLA from Sheo and a BJP rebel who recently joined Congress, had to pocket the insult in Congress house, and that was not cool. Rajasthan PCC organized party supremo Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Jhalawar on Wednesday, October 24. Party invited their freshman, Manvendra Singh to join the dais with Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot, and other heavyweights.

Rahul Gandhi reached Jhalawar to address people as per the schedule on Wednesday. This was the first time when Manvendra Singh officially joined Congress prez Rahul Gandhi’s any public meeting. The Congress insulted Manvendra Singh in the segments.

  • No place for Manvendra in the front row

On the first day of Rahul Gandhi’s two-day visit to the Hadauti region, Manvendra Singh joined the troop for the first time. But Congress part workers and organizers did not reserve Manvendra’s seat in the front row. Despite knowing that Manvendra Singh is one of the biggest names in Rajasthan politics, organizers disregarded him.

  • They didn’t let Manvendra Speak

The Grand Old party should have respected their freshman by giving him a chance to address people on their behalf. After the first step of insulting, Congress disregarded Manvendra by not positioning him on the podium.

  • Rahul’s SPG stopped Manvendra from stepping on the dais

On the same day after Jhalawar roadshow, Rahul reached Mandana in Kota. Rahul was first among Congress leaders to get on the stage followed by Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. When Manvendra Singh stepped-up to join them, Rahul Gandhi’s SPG commandos stopped him. Soon after noticing the incident Sachin Gandhi asked SPG security to let Manvendra up on the dais.

  • When Rahul hit on Parachute candidates

During Jhalawar public meeting, Rahul Gandhi’s remarks of parachute candidates hold true in dishonoring Sheo MLA. Gandhi’s assurances to party workers that no parachute leaders, who have joined the Congress ahead of elections, stand no chance of being the party’s candidate, came as an embarrassment for Manvendra. In fact, also a question mark on Manvendra Singh’s political future.

These reports went viral in media on Wednesday. Few of the tweets


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