Akhilesh Yadav

Yogi adityanath, the recent CM of Uttar Pradesh created the buzz just after he came into power. Like, his recent speech in Lok Sabha was both humorous and sarcastic. He said, he is one year older than Akhilesh Yadav and one year younger than Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Humorously, he said, he would not want to come between the duo characters. These both had made an alliance which ultimately gave them the defeat. After all this, of course, Akhilesh didn’t have to keep quietv and replied to the unexpected remarks.

Akhilesh Yadav said, “Chief Minister ne kaha humse ek saal badey hain. Hum kehte hain kaam me bahut pichey ho, umar mein toh badey ho sakte ho (CM said he’s a year older to me; but he’s much behind in work even if he is older in age)”.

Talking technically, Akhilesh is 43 years old and Adityanath, who has been MP from Gorakhpur for five times is 44 years old. In the year 2012, Akhilesh was crowned as the youngest chief minister in the country.

Becoming nostalgic, Akhilesh talked about peacocks in the chief minister house and said, “Mujhe shuddhikaran se dukh nahi hai. Kuch mor aa aa gaye the us ghar mein, unka haal kaisa hai? Suna hai gaay aane waali hai, bachda aane waala hai, toh humare mor ka bhi khyal rakhna (I don’t have a problem with purification. There were some peacocks in the house, how are they doing? We heard cows and their calves are going to be in that house, so our peacocks should also be taken care of)”.

Before, Adityanath moved into the official chief minister residence, some Hindu priests undertook the “shuddhikaran” ceremony.

Along with this, Yadav claimed on how the officers in the media are in target of the “Hindutva” regime of UP.


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