A social media message pertaining to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education-REET has been proved to be false and deceiving. The message had gone viral across the Internet. In the message, the makers said that appearing students will not have to buy any Roadways tickets for commuting to the exam centre. This caused stir amongst the appearing candidates.

The message was scrutinised and it was discovered that the message is spreading a false message, fooling and causing a state of confusion amongst the students. Although the message has been declared false, the appearing students are still facing a perplexing situation.

After the message went viral, the roadways team were contacted by a media channel to check if the information was correct. To this, Roadways official Sukhpal Bilonia said that this is a rumour. He cleared the air about the complimentary roadways ticket for the REET candidates. He clarified that there is no such instruction from the government or the headquarters.
He said that students will have to pay for their bus tickets for travelling to the exam venue city. He also requested students to ignore this false message and cooperate with te Roadways.

It is noteworthy that REET is conducted examinations for a whopping 10 lakh students, however the examination has opened only 35,000 vacancies of teachers. The examination will be conducted on 11 February, which is three days from now. The situation is now under control. The confusion among students is now being mitigated and problems are resolved.

The responsibility to conduct the examination has been given to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.

The age of Internet equips everyone with an ability to spread messages – false or true. The public must read and believe in verified content to save themselves from any loss or damage. For those of you who are appearing for the REET examination, Good Luck!


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