The US government has finally declared the sale of 22 predator guardian drones worth RS $2-3 billion: a major step to empower the defense walls of our country.

MODI’s visit

This is the first very significant deal between India and US, during Trump’s administration and PM Modi’s first meeting with Trump has been scheduled to take place at the White House on June 26. The Indian-Americans in Washington, filled with great enthusiasm are eagerly looking forward to welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji in a big way during his visit to the US capital to meet President.

They are planning to welcome PM Modi at every possible location where he could be available during his three-day stay in Washington.

Features of the drone

These drones are also known as known as MQ-9 Reapers or Predator B and are a major part of Royal Air Force and US Air Force. Powered by a sturdy Honeywell TPE331-10 turboprop engine, this remotely piloted aircraft is integrated with the DECC technology, which enhances engine performance by minimizing fuel wastage at lower altitudes.

It can also stay in the air for up to 27 hours and fly at the maximum altitude of 50,000 feet. They’re also easy to operate, which is why they’re used for long-term intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. India has never deployed MQ-9 Reapers in its air missions.

These aircraft have been currently used by Italian, French and Spanish Air Force apart from several US agencies including US Air Force, US Department of Homeland Security and NASA. Other than this, UK’s aerial warfare Force, Royal Air Force, has also acquired the drones.

Buying 22 new drones from America is likely to boost our air capabilities. .PM’s visit to America will surely strengthen the Indo-American ties and contributes towards the faster economic growth of our nation.


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