Rajasthan education

The standards of Rajasthan education are surging by the day, and this is not by fluke; the schemes and conviction of the government are paying off. The CM Raje led government is finding multiple avenues and possibilities to skill the citizens of the state.

The government schools are now employing senior professors to train the existing teachers and lecturers; this will ensure that the experience of senior professors rubs off on the present teachers; and they become equally capable of imparting education, just as it is considered ideal, to the future of the state – the students. This sounds like a plan. Doesn’t it? Rajasthan education

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Talking about fuel, let’s strike a comparative note. The crude oil prices have surged up unbelievably but not so for Rajasthan – the government slashed down the VAT rate by a huge 4%, loading a burden of Rs 2,000 crore on the state exchequer. The fact is that Oil is available for the lowest prices in Rajasthan and that’s such a fortune for us Rajasthanis. Isn’t it? Rajasthan education

Today, people in the rural areas know that the development is synonymous to “Kamal Waali Sarkar”. The irony is that they don’t know the name of the party, they are naive but they aren’t fools! They know where has the development happened and exactly who has brought it. Rajasthan education

The Chatravati Scheme has been activated by CM Raje like never before. Given that CM Raje has ushered in a wave of development, security, and progress, she is a maven. The fact that she understands the pulse of the people, there is also no doubt that she has a telepathic connection with the women of the state. Rajasthan education

Talking about MSP, a topic which has gained paramount importance in the recent past cannot be missed. Talking about the staple diet rice, there is a lot of cheer in the farmers who harvest it. The current government bought it for Rs 1760, which is way above than the price Congress used to pay to the farmers for their sweat. The Congress bought rice for Rs 1200, a margin of clearly Rs 560 – a significant amount for a farmer.

Talking about farmers, Congress kept pacifying the farmers by saying (I repeat, saying) that they will construct godowns. What BJP did instead is actually constructed it for the convenience of the farmers. The harvest has increased manifold and so the ruling government made enough arrangements to store it well. The warehouses/ Bhandars today store Bajra and Garlic (Lahsun) and are utilised to its full capacity.

The tale of employment is riding very high in the BJP raj and the center’s The Skill India Mission is a cherry on the cake. Rajasthan education

All in all, there is always more to explore and catch on in the transforming lands of Rajasthan. Rajasthan education


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