In last one decade, India, unfortunately, had the second largest number of child laborers in the world. According to the census of 2001, total 12.59 million child laborers were found working in various Indian establishments. Most of these kids are between seven and sixteen years of age. About 40% of the labors are involved in dangerous trades, such as firecracker factory, stone cutting, mining and construction of high-rise buildings.

In last few years, the county has employed a plethora of laws and programs to address this issue. India joined hands with the UNICEF and several NGOs to abolish child labor. The child rescue services make attempts to ensure that the kids remain in economically stable homes. Conducting rescue operations and facilitating proper education for slums and economically weaker sections has helped control this problem to some extent.]

Rajasthan, the largest state of India has borne the brunt of child marriages, trafficking and child labor for several years. In 2015, Rajasthan government launched Operation Muskaan to rescue children below 16 years, working in dilapidated conditions in Rajasthan. With the efforts of NGOs, child welfare groups, and the anti-human trafficking cell of Rajasthan Police rescued several kids unethically working in hotels, offices and local business. According to the latest figures, total 107 children were rescued in four cities within five days in May 2017.

The authorities intensified the fight against child labor, seeing the overwhelming success of Operation Milap. Yesterday, the police rescued six child labors in Rajasthan’s Bundi district. They also saved two other siblings, forced to work in a Dhaba in Dabi mining region.

According to Kaniz Fatima (Circle-in-charge, Bundi anti-human Trafficking Cell), the children were forced to work under filthy, unhygienic conditions. Their employer made them work overtime at measly wages. One of them was a resident of Madhya Pradesh whereas the others belonged to Rajasthan.

The police rescued a pair of siblings from the Dhaba. Pooja (11) and her younger brother Santosh (8) worked as bonded laborer at Suman Sharma’s home. Sharma is a resident of Keshoraipatan town. Santosh managed to flee from Sharma’s house on July 22. He was rescued from Ramganj Balaji area. They were reunited with their family.


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