Smart City

Jaipur is heading on the path of becoming smart city. There are continuous efforts made by the government authorities to make the life better for the people. For that, there are plans on improving the infrastructural needs of the city like as intelligent passenger system, smart lights, ducting system, bio-toilets and WiFi etc. In the attempt to make walled city advance, the work on the smart lights and ducting system have been started.

Smart City

In the walled city of Jaipur which is basically called ‘Old Jaipur’ has hanging electrical cables. These electrical cables are not only dangerous but also put a blot on the beauty of Pinkcity. If someone visits Kishanpol, Johari Bazaar and Choki Modikhana etc markets, this view is very common. The houses in the walled city are closely built. Even the streets are quite congested. Hence, the people face problems due to these unorganized water pipelines and electrical cables.

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Efforts under Smart city Project

Under Smart city Project, the problem of multiple electrical cables hanging around the city will be resolved. In order to underground all the electrical cables, ₹ 26.29 crore will be spent.

Under Ducting project, Kishanpol will get single line of water, sewerage and telephones. 

How the things will move?

The work under Smart City will be done in phases. The Ducting system will be adopted for electrical cables. In this, underground electrical cables will be installed in the streets.

Smart City Project

On 25th June 2015, Smart city mission was launched by honorable PM Narendra Modi. It is started with a vision was to make the Indian cities smart. This means to provide smart urban solutions as well as identification of the areas within the city for specific area development and its implementation.


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