Heavy showers in the desert state since July 24 had caused an upheaval in the state. However, the situation has normalized to great extent due to massive efforts by CM Raje in Jalore, Sirohi, Pali and Barmer districts.

CM Raje affirmed that the government is committed to finding a permanent solution to the problems. The government is mulling different ways to utilize rainwater through the construction of ponds and water storage techniques. The Rajasthan government is aimed at averting flood situations in the future.

Ex gratia for families of the deceased

Rajasthan CM Raje announced ex-Gratia of Rs 1 lakh for the deceased’s family. The ex-Gratia will be borne by the CM Relief Fund. Moreover, ex-Gratia of Rs 25000 has been announced for the seriously injured while a sum of Rs 10,000 for those suffering from minor injuries.

Dispatch of Girdavri report

CM Raje also conducted aerial surveys to better understand the menacing situation. She also ensured an immediate dispatch of the report of Girdavri to Centre for seeking financial assistance.

Repair Works of telecommunication networks

CM Raje has also informed that repair works of power and telecommunication networks in the affected districts are underway. In Jalore alone, 100 Grid SubStations (GSS) have been down due to torrential rains.Out of the 100, 88 have been repaired. In Sirohi, of the 30 GSS, 25 have been repaired.

Keeping in mind the welfare of the stranded people, CM Raje announced a series of changes to ensure that situations at the affected areas better over time.

Here are all the other major announcements made by CM Raje

CM Raje has facilitated the transaction of ration through cash. However, earlier, the ration was only available through PoS machines. This will ensure hassle-free and convenience for people dwelling in rural areas.

CM Raje also ensured immediate dispatch of Girdavri report. The report will be sent to the Union government for seeking relief funds via the national disaster relief fund.

Restoration services are underway for various power and communication services. This will ensure steadfast improvement in the existing conditions.

CM Raje also announced immediate relief for cows which are taking shelter across different cow shelters.


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