It seems Jaipur traffic police never runs out of creativity when it comes to traffic rules implementation. It doesn’t matter if their last campaign ‘Keep in line or you’ll end up losing’ got them into trouble for using Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah’s ‘match-losing no-ball picture’ from the Indian-Pakistan final at ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017. Taking lessons from it, they’ve now taken a more interactive route to generating public awareness on road safety.

Realizing that their fan following on Twitter has escalated since the ‘Bumrah instance’, the traffic police of Jaipur has invited netizens to share unique, self-made slogans to support their ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ theme on social networks.

To make it more interesting, they’ve decided to give out prizes and certificate to best submissions. They’ve held competitions in campuses, but this is the first time they’ll use social media for campaigning.

If you have a knack for crafting funny punchlines or memes, you can send your slogans to the cops. The cops will feature the funniest, most inspiring catch-line in their next campaign. Don’t forget to use the #SafeJaipur tag when sharing slogans,. Add your name and contact details to the post so they can give its credit! If they like it, they’ll feature it on the official Twitter handles of Jaipur Police and Jaipur Traffic Police?

What’s the Intention behind Inviting Slogans for Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign?

Though confident of his juniors’ creativity, Mr. Rahul Vashisth (ACP East, Jaipur Traffic Police) believes that inviting citizens for slogans will sensitize more people on the issue. They already have a team that handles the social media campaigns on behalf of Jaipur traffic police. Engaging more people in this campaign will curb drunk driving in Rajasthan. Who knows they might get some cool and catchy slogans.

The campaign will produce positive results with active participation from Rajasthan netizens. So far, a few users have already sent their slogans: ‘See Peg Think Cab,’ ‘We know many drunk drivers. They’re all dead,’ and ‘You can hand over your keys or your life.’

The campaign is surely going to be a huge hit among the Twitterati.


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