The Scandalous Truth Behind Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Motivational Trips’

Rahul Gandhi

From “Khoon ki Dalali” to ‘Torn Kurta’, we often Wonder How Rahul Gandhi Comes Up with Cheap Publicity Stunts like these. Well, here’s what Inspires Pappu’s Political Jumlas & Gimmicks…

Rahul Gandhi got the entire nation talking twice, once in 2015, when he disappeared for two months during an important Parliamentary budget session and later in 2017, post demonetization. It was hilarious to see the Congress vice president arrive in a 2-crore Range Rover to deposit Rs. 4,000 at a SBI branch in Delhi. The funniest part was, nearly 50 days later, the self-styled messiah of the poor visited London in his private jet to catch up with other grand leaders of his party. The visit stretched over a period of one week but the details of RaGa’s super secret foreign trips remain shrouded in mystery so far.

Why does he undertake so many trips? Where does he go? Many political parties have put up questions time and again, but the Congress family chose to keep mum. Gandhi’s inspirational trips are a subject of media debate. The weird thing is his idea on ‘inspiration’. These trips never ‘inspired’ him to attend Parliament sessions, ask sensible questions during the question hour or frame visionary policies. He was not even present during the passing of GST bill—an ordinance that Congress proclaims is important for the future of his country. All we know is that when Rahul returns to India, he’s stupider than ever.

We never saw him undertaking trips to Amethi (his own constituency) for inspections. But his trips to London, Italy and US are all over the tabloids. Over the years, we’ve tried to find out the reason behind ‘Gandhi’s motivational’ foreign holidays. After in-depth research, we now have exclusive information on Rahul’s secret.

Rahul Gandhi is a Wild Party Animal & We’ve Photographs to Prove Our Point…

We feel Rahul Gandhi is like just a regular Indian guy, who chases his parents’ dreams. He strives to live up to his ancestors’ name rather than doing what he really wants. When things don’t proceed as per his will, he gets stressed and attempts to escape from the mess that he has caused. Partying with friends abroad is the best way for him to forget his duties.

Recently, we saw him partying with his foreign friends in Snapchat photographs. The pictures were taken abroad. But this is not the first time when Rahul tried to shun his responsibilities.snapchat collage

Rahul is A Regular Traveler…

From 1990 to 2000, we spotted Rahul and his long-time girlfriend Veronique Cartelli at a cricket world cup match in Birmingham (1999). In 1999 and 2003, he partied at Andaman islands, Lakshadweep and Kerala with Cartelli, the daughter of an infamous Columbian drug mafia.

Rahul Gandhi with girlfriend Veronique Cartelli

Meanwhile, there were rumors on Rahul two-timing with a girl named Jaunita a Spanish architect. However, the infamous Sukanya rape and murder controversy of 2007 put an end to Rahul’s romance. Regardless of having criminal charges on him, he didn’t mend his Casanova ways. During Mumbai terror attacks of 2008, Rahul was partying at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts. The occasion was his best friend’s bachelor party.

Rahul Gandhi rape

In 2012, the Sunday Guardian revealed Rahul’s rendezvous with Noal Zaher at a Delhi-based hotel. Noal is the granddaughter of Mohamed Zahir Shah, the King of Afghanistan. She’s a graduate in European business from St. Dominique Institute (University of France) probably that’s why Rahul visited France quite a lot in past.

Congress leaders wanted him to marry the Afghan princess to draw in minority votes in upcoming elections. However, Noal Zaher got married to the Egyptian prince in a lavish wedding. Consequently, Rahul went more trips with unnamed beauties to nurse his ‘broken heart’.

Rahul Gandhi Kissed

Knowing all this, we come to a practical conclusion that Rahul Gandhi is a wild party animal who loves having new women on his side every time. He dons expensive outfits and watches at parties. He lives a royal lifestyle, yet wears ‘torn kurta’ to attract attention at public gatherings. He undertakes foreign trips for learning but his stunts and statements reflect his casual attitude towards work.

Rahul must understand that being the VP of India’s oldest political party, his life isn’t private anymore. Do we really need laid back leaders like him? To us, Rahul is just an average employee, unfit to lead the country however, it’s ironical that we have so many politicians like him in India. This is something that needs to be changed for our nation’s progress.


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