Mukundra Hills

The Rajasthan Government is going on a mission to protect the existing tiger population- it is working on a surveillance mechanism to keep track of endangered animals, especially tigers and leopards.

The Rajasthan government is following it’s mission to protect the existing tiger population. As a part of this mission, the state government is working on surveillance mechanism to proliferate the tiger population in the city. This mechanism will take into account the endangered species, categorically tigers and leopards.

Moreover, the department has requested Rs. 50cr for commissioning and maintaining the systems for five years. Considering the  high tech gadgets which will be introduced for surveillance, the budget requested is quite less.

Due to Rajasthan government’s progressive nature, this task doesn’t seem impossible. A blend of innovation into animal conservation is a strategic way of checking the plummeting population of tigers.

To buttress its mission, the information technology department will buy hi-tech gadgets: radio sets, thermal-imaging cameras and drones for effective implementation of the mission.

Various organizations are working towards protecting the decreasing population of endangered species, Tiger. The National animal of India which is the pride of India’s fauna diversity is losing ground as the animals are being killed for commercial reasons.

In this time and age, when money has become the most important part of their lives, it is hard to refrain from commercial killing. Although the government has ushered in various schemes and programmes driven by the objective of conserving tiger population, tiger population has no risen by a huge number. However, the incredible and innovative initiatives taken up by the government are laudable, amongst a larger scheme of things.

As civilians, we can pledge to conserve this beautiful animal which is as fierce as gorgeous. It is a vision and has an inexplicable charm about itself.


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