Almost a fortnight after the mega-gangster Anandpal died in between cross firing between police and Anandpal, the Rajput rally in Nagaur is demanding a CBI investigation into Anandpal’s death. Anandpal started firing policemen, thereby injuring many of them. One of them being a Rajput named Sohan Singh who is fighting for life in the hospital at the moment.

Richie-Rich Gangster Anandpal

A rich, affluent gangster who holds nearly 400cr wealth is being hero-worshipped today for being the gangster that he was.

Sanvrad, the native village of Anandpal in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district witnessed massive devastations and vandalism on Wednesday.

In the wake of growing menace, a huge police force was deployed at the site to handle the situation. Even SP’s and assistant SP’s were injured amidst the maddening violence.


Locals have a tough time at Nagaur 

The local civilians, children, and women are complaining of multiple difficulties as their area being victimised for it being the hometown of slain gangster.

All locals are being seen with eyes of suspicion from the police forces who are deployed in large numbers to ensure no casualty in this area.

The internet services in the area have been suspended to ensure that provoking messages are not sent over social media. This shall prevent locals and Rajputs to vent their angst in the most brutal manner.

About Rajput Rally 

As many as 30 policemen got injured and 1 civilian died. Not only this, a fleet of vehicles was vandalized. The vehicle carrying Nagaur superintendent of police (SP) Paris Deshmukh was also vandalized and set ablaze.

The family men of the slain gangster are ungiving and relentlessly demanding a CBI probe into the matter. However, if everything and anything would be sent for CBI investigation, it will defeat the whole purpose of having a CBI-like institution.


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