Rajasthan budget

Amidst the speculation about Union budget which has gripped the entire economy, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje went on record to say a word about the state budget. CM Raje, who is known for her transparent governance and resilient attitude towards ensuring comfort of the public, CM Raje said that her government’s upcoming budget would be development-oriented, taking into account the expectations of the people.

Pre-budget discussion with industry experts

The budget will be a product of constructive suggestions received from experts and specialists belonging to various different fields. It was while she was helming a meeting that CM Raje gave a foundational sneakpeek into how the state budget will look like. The meeting marked the first pre-budget discussion with voluntary organizations, consumer forum representatives and civil societies.

Much has changed over the last four years in Rajasthan under the discerning leadership of Raje-led-Rajasthan government. CM Raje said that the state has “attained new paradigms of development” in the last four years. She credited this success to people’s participation.

Dialogue with people from different sectors helps in understanding the requirements, she said. “With valuable suggestions of experts, we are taking the state on the path of progress,” CM Raje said.

Common man now has a say in Rajasthan Budget

To promote the inclusion of people’s suggestions in the making of the budget, an online platform has been created for the same. This platform will enable the common man to post their suggestions for the upcoming budget.

“Efforts will be made to include the suggestions in the budget after departmental examination,” Raje said. Rajasthan budget

Rajasthan’s budget is expected to be centred around the needs of the common man. The state budget is slated to be tabled in the state assembly next month. The tentative date for budget release is March 8, 2018. Rajasthan budget


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