Solar Power Generation

As per the latest report, Rajasthan is aiming to increase the solar power generation to 3,780 MWs by April next year. The state is planning to achieve the goal of achieving 7000 MW of clean energy capacity in this time span of four years. In order to realize this objective the state has 20 projects in the pipeline having a capacity worth 1500 MW.

Solar Power Target Solar Power Generation

According to Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Managing Director BK Doshi, the current solar power installation capacity of the state contributes to just 10% solar power consumption but the aim is to increase this figure to 17% by the year 2021.

Solar Power Generation

Mr. Doshi also revealed that the state has attained the total solar power installation capacity of 2280 MW this year. Furthermore, 20 projects are still under progress and once commissioned, these will start operating by April next year. Solar Power Generation

Projects in Pipeline Solar Power Generation

A lot of projects in the state are under progress including the Bhadla Solar Park in Jodhpur. Its second phase worth 680 MW has been commissioned while work for the third phase is in progress that is worth 1000 MW. Out of this capacity, half will be commissioned by September this year while the remaining half will be commissioned by April.

Talking about the projects in pipeline worth 1500 MW, these are likely to b scheduled by April 2019. In this lot, 10 plants will be installed with the capacity of 100 MW each while 10 others will carry the capacity of 50 MW each.

Solar Power Generation

Other Solar Plants

There are some other solar power projects including Pokran-Phalodi solar park, Fatehsagar Phase 1B, and Nokh Jaisalmer. These plants will be operational with the capacity of 750 MW, 1500 MW, and 1000 MW respectively.

Cost of Production

As per the official, the present cost of setting up a solar plant is around 4 Crores per MW. Notably, the tarrif at which power is purchased from the companies depends on the cost of production that keeps varying.

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Other Sources of Power

Not just solar power but the state is also indulged in generating power from wind energy worth 4,292 MW and from biomass worth 120.45 MW. Reportedly, the Union Ministry estimated that Rajasthan has the potential of generating wind energy worth 18,770 MW.

In some other reports, it was found that the state utilized energy efficiency methods that helped in saving 222.3 Million units of electricity and 2,73,660 MT of coal in the past two years.


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