Rajasthan SOG (Special Operations Group) made another breakthrough discovery in the paper leak scam unveiled two months back. Determined to prevent offenders from spoiling the future of thousands of kids enrolled in Rajasthan University, the SOG officers conducted thorough investigations to eliminate the moles hidden in educational institutions. This time, the special unit officer arrested a lecturer from Bharatpur Government College, who was allegedly involved in the infamous question paper leak scam in Rajasthan. Rajasthan police busted several other lecturers and administrative officers earlier last year.

For those who don’t know, the SOG arrested 17 people in Rajasthan university paper leak scam this April. The list of offenders includes Professor J.P. Jat, HOD, Geography Department, Rajasthan University. He was the main offender involved in post graduate and graduate paper leak case. The accused from Bharatpur University— Mr. Jainendra Gupta was a former student of J P Jat.


While questioning Jat on this scandal, it was found that even Gupta was involved in this controversy. He was one of the people who’d set papers for Rajasthan university exams. Since Gupta was close to Professor Jat, he shared the details of question paper with his professor. That’s how Jat came to know about important questions that were included in Geography part I, part II and part III examinations.

This shocking fact was revealed by the superintendent of police Mr. Sanjay Shrotriya. Stressing on the matter further, Shrotriya told the media that the leaked questions were scheduled for Geography examination held on April 12. Gupta, a resident of Bharatpur’s Nadbai, leaked these details to Jat over the phone on April 11. He is a lecturer at Brij University in Bharatpur.

While inquiring about the key players involved in Rajasthan university paper leak scams, Gupta’s name surfaced on multiple occasions, which is why the investigating officers decided to pay him a visit. As of now, the police are interrogating Gupta, in the hopes that his statements would help them catch the remaining offenders involved in this case.

Once they get relevant evidence, they’ll present him and the others before the court. The way Rajasthan police is acting in this case, one thing is clear that they won’t let anyone compromise with the future of the state!


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