Rajasthan police stations and offices may soon become tobacco-free…

Offices of Inspector General of Police (IGP), Superintendent of Police and its training institutes across the state are likely to become tobacco-free by the end of this year.

Many police officers are making several attempts to direct their subordinates to work towards making stations and offices tobacco-free. Subordinates are being instructed via video-conferencing and awareness camps.

DGP Manoj Bhatt has exhorted senior officials to refrain from bringing tobacco products inside the premises of state police headquarters.

“It is not that we will use some punishment. It is a gradual process as we are organizing camps and have roped in specialist doctors who are teaching our men about the ill-effects of tobacco,” Bhatt informed.

In a recent video conference with the IGs and SPs of state, a team of doctors highlighted the ill-effects of tobacco and its products,” Bhatt added.

Bhatt also said that the use of tobacco is already minimal at police stations, police headquarters and police wings. The use of tobacco is also prohibited at many police stations.

Pawan Singhal, a cancer surgeon at SMS Hospital informed that the use of tobacco has reduced. Connected to police officers via video conference, Singhal laid down the harmful effects of consuming tobacco.

According to GATS report, it is also known that from 34.6% in 2009-10, the number has now reduced to 28.65.

This step will set an example for all other organizations in the city. The use of tobacco can be minimalised by spreading awareness about the fatal consequences of consuming tobacco. If the police stations inculcate this decisive step towards curtailing the use of tobacco, it will leave a fine imprint on other organizations like corporates, hospitals. It is also seen that some organization impose a strict penalty on persons being caught red-handed for consuming tobacco and its products.


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