Bunking classes has turned into a ‘style statement’ for students nowadays. Students are abandoning classrooms for a quick shindig at college canteens. On the other hand, perturbed parents and politicians express concern regarding the ‘bright future’ of the country. Every institution faces the same problem, Rajasthan being no exception to this reality! Rajasthan University lately was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, including scams and paper leaks. But, a determined education department was set to make ‘great’ changes to the system, rectifying college bunks being the top priority on their to-do-list.

As smart, they are, the department of higher education decided to rope in biometric attendance system in colleges at divisional headquarters to address this problem. They’ll introduce ‘smart attendance system’ from the current academic session to discourage habitual bunkers.


Bharatpur college students proposed this idea before the minister of higher education Kiran Maheshwari during her visit. Appreciating the idea, Maheshwari immediately sprung to action, calling a meeting with officers on Wednesday. The department initially thought of installing these machines in Bharatpur, but the idea was too good to drop! They then decided to launch the system at all the seven divisional headquarters to address absenteeism in the colleges.

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Students will be required to punch their entry and exit from the college on a regular basis. Luckily, they’re not the only ones doing it. The rules are applicable in the case of lecturers and professors, as well. This way, the department will keep an eye on the teachers too! At present, the fingerprint attendance system is in vogue in a few universities only. But the system registers just the entry timings of the professors.

The department will gradually launch tamper-proof attendance machines in all the colleges in Rajasthan. If Maheshwari is to be believed, the upcoming biometric attendance unit leaves no room for complaints. It’ll not just inculcate punctuality, regularity in students and teachers, but also help the institution check unrequited entries on the college premises.


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