Urban noise affects more than just the environment. It imposes serious harm to health and jeopardizes life. Over the years, hearing evolved as the humans adapted to environmental changes outside. However, they can’t turn it on and off voluntarily. As we move from rural to the urban societies, road traffic, construction, industrialization and swift globalization creates unexpectedly noisy places! Noise pollution is the leading source of dissatisfaction among residents in tier-II and tier-III cities, and Jaipur is no different! But, the Rajasthan government is all set to evade the unthinkable!


Concerned about the increasing noise pollution in the city, Rajasthan government will now study the eight ongoing infrastructure projects for environmental impact. Rajasthan government has appointed special agencies to study noise and sound pollution caused during its construction. The eight infrastructure projects that will undergo environmental impact assessment include:

  • Bassi
  • LIC Bhawan
  • Dravyawati River Project
  • Sodala
  • Railway underpass and
  • Railway Over-Bridges (ROBs) all over in Rajasthan.

In a first of its kind move, the JDA will conduct this environmental impact assessment test on various projects. According to a senior JDA official, the department took this decision after the NCRPB (National Capital Region Planning Board) made it mandatory for contractors to receive the second loan installment for construction. ON NCRPB’s directions, the JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) will conduct this test on various projects. They’ve already implemented the test on elevated roads.

Earlier, the JDA has received Rs 1,663 crore as loan from NCRPB. NABET experts (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) will work in association with the JDA engineers to conduct this test.

Experts will conduct a survey to study the socio-economic and environmental aspects of the infrastructure project. They’ve installed a GPS-enabled device in the structures to record noise and sound pollution on a daily basis. The officials have already prepared a Proforma of the survey. They’ll record individual data, including the income of every household, the impact of this project on their lives, etc.

Other than this, the teams will check solid waste management facilities near the construction site. The department will complete the environmental assessment test to receive the second loan installment on time. The environment assessment survey will hopefully reduce the impact of noise on residents and the surroundings.


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