The ambitious ‘Swacch Gram Yojana’ was launched by CM Raje and Venkaiah Naidu today at the Teetarwasa Gram. With the vision to make all gram panchayats of Rajasthan cleaner and more hygienic, an ambitious scheme is now in place.

The scheme will operate its maiden operations in the Teetarwasa Gram Panchayat of the Jhalawar district. Rajasthan has joined the league of most progressing states in India; it is no more a sick state,” Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said.

Due to the impeccable vision of PM Modi and the dynamic leadership of CM Raje, Rajasthan is treading on a progressive path. Rajasthan’s dreams will come true through synergy Prime Minister and CM Raje: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu

Door-to-door waste collection

Steps to make people aware about hygiene, cleanliness Selected panchayats now have the facility which collects waste at the doorstep. A cluster of 150 houses will be made for this purpose.

Every village be clean and tidy

CM Raje and Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu held a constructive meeting under the shade of a Banyan tree at the Teetarwasa village. To accomplish the vision of PM Modi, the people will also have to equally contribute in the journey of “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ and other schemes alike.

‘Detailed Village Development Plan’ to be formulated

Through the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, unprecedented initiatives and development is happening in the country. Owing to this, Panchayati raj representatives now have the onus to abridge the gap between rural and urban areas.

A detailed village development plan will be formulated, said Dr. Jitendra Kumar. Through this plan, the Adarsh Gram Panchayat will undergo extensive development and progress.

Easy availability of Drinking water

CM Raje launched the Amrit Yojana in the districts of Jhalawar and Baran. The completion of these schemes will mark the end of drinking water issues in these two districts.

With an ornamental sum of Rs. 75.23 crore, the Jhalawar district’s ‘Shehri Payjal Yojana’ will be redefined and implemented. The Chhapi dam will be equipped with an 18-MLD water purifying plant.

A rising pipeline of about 13 kms will be installed at the dam. Besides, a 164 km distribution pipeline will be installed at the dam. As far as Baran is concerned, an allocation of Rs 78.31 has been made to construct a 33 km long rising pipeline clubbed with a 353 km long distribution pipeline.

The Urban development minister announced a whopping sum of Rs 166.81 crore allocation for Baran while a sum of 180 crore for Jhalawar’s advancement.

CM Raje and Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the ‘Gramin Gaurav Path’ worth Rs 60 lakh. Annapurna Rasoi was also started in the village. Besides, beneficiaries of various government schemes were prized with their respective cheques.


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