Pollution Certificates

Air pollution is a big issue that troubles the nation. It makes the life difficult and lead to innumerable diseases. To combat this issue, the government has issued rules to put a check on pollution. In fact, Rajasthan Transport department has formulated schemes to control vehicles emitting smoke. Pollution Certificates

The vehicle owners have to pay penalty if their vehicles make air pollution. Even all the vehicles owners are required to have pollution check certificates. If they delay in getting it then they need to pay penalty. But, some relief has been provided to vehicle owners by Rajasthan High Court. Know more. Pollution Certificates

As per the previous scheme of transport department of state, vehicles owners were supposed to pay penalty amount if they don’t have pollution check certificate. They also have to pay penalty if they get delayed in getting these certificates. But, state transport department won’t be able to charge penalty if defaulters approach pollution under control centres to get certificates. Apart from this, High Court also ordered all the petrol pumps in the state to have PUC centres. Pollution Certificates

Rajasthan motor vehicle pollution check centre scheme Pollution Certificates

This scheme was launched on October 4, 2017.Under Rajasthan motor vehicle pollution check centre scheme, different deadlines were set for obtaining PUC certificates as per vehicle’s registration number. If someone fails to get the certificate within given deadlines then they were need to pay penalty and PUC fees.

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What is the penalty?

The penalty varies as per time. For one month delay, it is ₹ 200 for two wheelers and ₹ 500 for four-wheelers. If it gets more than one month, it is ₹ 500 for two wheelers and ₹ 1000 for four-wheelers.

Why does this new order given by High Court?

This new order regarding penalty on vehicles came after a man filed a petition. The division bench of justice M N Bhandari and justice D C Somani gave this verdict.


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