There is some issue with the medical department of Rajasthan. Earlier, the doctors went on strike and now the NIMS hospital will not come under state approved hospital. In Rajasthan, a list of the authorized hospitals by state government has been released. In this list, the name of NIMS Super Specialty Hospital was not there. This hospital is located on Jaipur-Delhi road. The orders were issued by the finance department. This hospital is known for the successful surgeries of knee implants from computer navigation technology. In the area of liver transplantation, kidney transplantation and knee implantation, NIMS Super Specialty Hospital has a name.

Know why NIMS has been removed from the list

The State Government removed the NIMS Hospital from the list of accredited hospitals with immediate effect. This order has been issued by the Secretary (Finance) Manju Rajpal on the order of the Governor. Under rule-4 of the Rajasthan Civil Service (Medical Attendance) Rule, 2013, the orders have been given by Finance Department.

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NIMS Hospital

As per MCI norms, NIMS Medical College and Hospital was established in the year 2004. The recognition was given for MBBS degree by MCI in the year 2009. It is a constituent College of NIMS University.


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