State government is working all possible directions to provide the best to state farmers. Kisan Kalewa Yojna is peerless scheme, which has been introduced by the Raje government. In the favour of farmers, state government has arranged a great source of supplement to the farmers. This has been done specially to prepare a better foundation for the agriculture and the protectors of it. Farmers come to the market with their yields and face arduous situations for meal. To curb this inconvenience, state government have arranged inexpensive food for these farmers. Shelters have been made to provide timely meal to them at very minimal rates.

State farmers are highly grateful and are giving hugely applauding for this new scheme. At Udaipur headquarters of agriculture production area has opened new ways of hopes for farmers. Due to this new scheme, these farmers are able to get the homely facilities of food and are going through least difficulties.

Most of the farmers who come to sell their crops in the market belong to remote villages and are tenants. So, after reaching to Udaipur from those far away journeys, they get all needful facilities at Agriculture Produce Market Committee.

The special thing is that, the farmers coming from these remote places get hygienic food at Rs. 5 per plate. These farmers come through different modes of transportations like tractors, camel trains and many other which are not convenient. Thus, considering these deadly situations, state government decided to make arrangements for nutritious food. The usual rates are Rs. 40 for these farmers, but under this scheme the prices would be Rs. 5 per plate. The rest amount of Rs. 35 will be paid by the market committee. The scheme is also on for load bearers.

Udaipur Agriculture Produce Market Committee head, Mr. Bhagwan Sahay Jaatav promptly mentioned that, this state government scheme is getting huge popularity among the farmers as they are getting immense relief out of it.


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