Abhinandan effect: Rajasthan family names newborn after IAF Pilot Abhinandan


    Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan is now being celebrated in India. A baby born on Friday evening Alwar district has got his name after Wing Commander Abhinandan. The baby was born on the same time when IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was about to be released by Pakistan.

    Baby boy’s grandfather Janesh Bhutani said, ‘My daughter-in-law delivered baby boy last evening and we named him Abhinandan in honour of the IAF pilot. We are proud of the pilot and therefore we named him (the baby) Abhinandan.’  

    He said all family members, including his daughter-in-law, were watching the news channel to keep up with the developments happening related with the wing commander and it was when the daughter-in-law went into labour.

    ‘By naming my son as Abhinandan, we will keep him reminding about the valour of the pilot and I would like him to become a brave soldier like him when he grows up.’ family said.


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