Heavy rainfall lashed several districts in Rajasthan last monsoons. Receiving record rainfall that lasted for 24 hours, many districts like Bhilwara and Chhittorgarh were experienced heavy floods that posed great danger to life and property. The extent of damage was so large that the NDRF (National Damage Response Force) officers were called in to airlift people from high-risk areas. It took several days for the government to rescue and rehabilitate people in worst affected areas. Taking lessons from the past, Rajasthan government instructed all district collectors to make prior arrangements for the upcoming monsoon season.

Rajasthan food and supply department asked the district collectorate to arrange kerosene, LPG cylinders and relevant supplies in flood-prone areas before the monsoons hit the desert state.

Before June 25, 2017 (the expected date of arrival of full-fledged monsoons), controls rooms furnished with proper facilities will be set up in each district—a fact informed by Mr. P Ramesh, Additional Food Commissioner, Rajasthan. These control rooms will operate 24×7 to provide relief to victims in flood-affected areas.

To ensure seamless supply of ration to affected individuals, the government directed Annapurna Bhandars in every district to keep additional stocks of cooking oil, food grains, pulses, salts and other essential supplies. The DSOs (District Supply Officers) will coordinate with collectors in each district to manage PDS (public distribution supply) during emergencies. All fair-price shops will stock up edible items and food that will be instantly supplied to flood-hit households.

Besides food, fuel and cooking gas is yet another source of concern for the government. To make sure that the victims get proper, hot meals in rehabilitation camps, local gas agencies and petrol pumps were directed to keep additional stocks for the rainy season. Special provisions will be made to preserve LPG gas cylinders and petrol tanks.

Side by side, government has alerted the DRSF and home guards for future emergencies. They’ll actively tour flood-prone regions to keep an eye on climate change. Rajasthan government has asked the collectors to keep stock of sand bags—necessary in rescue operations. Hopefully, these steps will help prevent the inevitable!


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