Rajasthan, a state that was all over the news for topping the charts of heinous crimes from 2011-2013 has recorded a significant dip of 8.93% since last year. According to the crime reports published on ncrb.gov.in, around 196,224 crimes were reported in the state in 2013. Four years back, Rajasthan’s crime rate, estimated at 286.26, was higher than the national average (218.67). It ranked 6th on the list of Indian states having the highest crime record.

Rajasthan: A Breeding Ground for Crimes & Violence in 2013

Rajasthan is a state that honours and worships women as goddesses (like the legendary Tanot Mata and Karni Mata). Hence, it was quite shameful that it ranked 2nd in case of rapes and violence against women. Not only this, it was:

  • 4th in number of kidnappings,
  • 5th in number of thefts,
  • 10th in number of robberies and murder,
  • 15th in number of dacoities and
  • 17th in number of riots.

Out of all the 33 districts and cities in Rajasthan crime rate was highest in Jaipur and least in Jaisalmer. (Source: Neighbourhood Info).

After about Half a Decade, Things have Changed for Good in Rajasthan

In 2016, the major crimes in Rajasthan have dropped by 8.93%, which includes grave IPC (Indian Penal Code) offenses like robbery, kidnapping, murder and loot. This data was reported by the Rajasthan Police, based on the number of cases reported in various areas.

Here’s what the statistics revealed.

  • of reported murders fell down from 1,573 (2013) to 1569 (2015) and 1,551 (2016).
  • of reported loots (burglary) declined from 5,783 (2013) to 1,227 (2015) and 970 (2016).
  • Cases of robbery dipped from 1,645 (2013) to 1,632 (2014) to 1,065 (2016). The state has recorded a massive decline in last one decade.
  • About 4,986 cases of kidnapping were recorded in 2013. These cases dropped down to 5,426 in 2015 and 5,299 in 2016.
  • of thefts reported in 2013 were 28,928. The numbers rose to 29,067 in 2015.

The alarming rates of increase in number of thefts have been hounding Rajasthan police for quite a long time. However, persistent efforts by the cops brought about a change. The numbers gradually fell down to 27, 406 (2016).

Effective Policies & Vigilance have Contribute to Low Crime Rates in Rajasthan

According to Manoj Bhatt, Director General of Rajasthan Police, effective policing and preventive measures taken in crime-prone areas have caused this change. To top it, the government took several precautionary measures, such as launching the first woman patrol team in Udaipur. Schemes like Mukhbir (that report female foeticide) and mobile apps like Humsafar (that report highway accidents & crimes) have played a huge role in making Rajasthan a safe and happy place for inhabitants.

Moreover, several public and private organizations run awareness campaigns that have made the citizens more aware and alert now. Feeling overwhelmed with this new development, both the government and the police department is braced up to keep up the good work in future.


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