Uttar Pradesh’s Chandrashekhar was appointed as the state BJP’s general secretary. The elected candidate is the organization secretary of the western part of the neighboring state. Th decision of his election came in the late hours of Thursday.

Let’s know more about Chandrashekhar’s past and what lies ahead of him after assuming the post.

Past background and accomplishments

Owing to its strong RSS background and a highly regarded position, Chandrashekhar has various achievements in his hat. He was the organizational secretary of Varanasi in 2014, the same year in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi contested the elections.

Not only this, Chandrashekhar is widely known for his expertise in organizational skills. He will also play a crucial role in bringing the state and the central government on the same page, so those goals are achieved effectively and efficiently.

He was the elections in charge in UP in the Kashi sector. He is tech-savvy and is also an able person who can strike a connection with the youth of the country.

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Position vacant since since 9 years

This appointment had been long overdue ever since in 2009 when the then state general secretary Prakash Chand resigned from the position in the wake of regression which enveloped BJP in the 2008 assembly elections and the following 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

The position had been vacant for eight years and has been taken up by the juggernaut Chandrashekhar.

Not long before Ajmer Parliamentary goes in for Bypoll

In the wake of Sanvarlal Jat death, the time-bound bypoll on the Ajmer Parliamentary seat has gone vacant for BJP. It should be noted that Chandrashekhar is stepping into the frame at this perplexed time. This announcement has come in the heat of Amit shah’s visit to Jaipur.

According to a senior RSS functionary, ” This appointment is in view of the assembly polls. We cannot risk any loose ends. We are developing a system of accountability.”


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