It seems Rajasthan ATS has girded up their loins and intensified their fight against terrorism. Yesterday, the anti-terrorism squad of Rajasthan busted an alleged ISIS operator from Chennai, in collaboration with the Chennai police. Simultaneously, the Rajasthan anti-terrorist unit is on the verge of a significant breakthrough with IS operatives in the desert state. Just yesterday, the cops summoned a 35-year-old man, suspected to have ties with IS operative Travel Haq. Muhammad Iqbal or Travel Haq is an infamous terrorist involved in transferring funds for IS. He was arrested by the police in February.

Iqbal had acquaintance with Jamil Ahmed (another alleged IS Operative). It was Rajasthan police that arrested IS operative Ahmed last November.

The ATS interrogated the suspect for allegedly transferring funds via Hawala trading to Haq, arrested for his connection with the Islamic state (IS). The suspect was involved in transferring money to the IS (Islamic states). Rumors suggest that the cops had arrested him. Putting a check to these gossips, the Inspector General of Police Mr. Biju George Joseph informed the media that the man had been summoned for further questioning.

The police have sent him several notices to appear for interrogation yesterday.

The police are yet to establish if the man is involved in Hawala trading. Secondly, they need to find out his intent behind transferring funds. The police have to find whether the suspect had the same intent as Iqbal when sending money to other countries. Tuesday morning, a team headed by the superintendent of police Mr. Vikas Kumar flew from Chennai to Jaipur for interrogation.

According to Mr. Kumar, they’re yet to verify the facts that establish the suspect as an illegal money launderer. Investigation in Travel Haq’s case gave them leads that led them to Harun. Search reports reveal that the man was acquainted with Iqbal. However, the cops aren’t sure if he too was involved in transferring illegal money to the terrorist organizations.

Nevertheless, these investigations will help them control terror funding and Hawala operations in Rajasthan.


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