A lot of speculation runs in the state in nexus with the heritage property of the royal family. In today’s session, the Rajasthan Assembly witnessed an upheaval over a property owned by the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur.

It all started when Independent MLA Hanuman Beniwal raised heavy enquiries on properties owned by the erstwhile royal families in the state. To answer the question, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajendra Rathore took the onus to speak.

Rajendra said the government had formed the Khanna committee to keep a close tab on the property conflicts of the royal family of Jaipur. He said the Khanna committee was formed to look into the property disputes and was formed under an order dated September 26, 2012. Nonetheless, the minister also informed that the Khanna committe is yet to submit it’s report.

Rajasthan assembly got as retaliatory as it could get. Post what Rathore had to say, Kailash Meghwal interrupted him by asking him to refrain from speaking in public about such high profile cases.

Actually Mr. Rathore was just informing the concerned assembly about the current status of the slew of cases which are pending in the court at various courts across the state. He informed the House that cases related to the property disputes were pending in various courts including the High Court. After this, there was Kailash Meghwal who asked Rathore to refrain from spelling such sub-judice matters.

Notably, BJP MLA Diya Kumari, who is a key member of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur, was also present in the House.

Later the bitter conversation was joined by a senior BJP MLA too. The assembly got enveloped with a audio war which was led by other ministers present at the assembly.

Well, all said and done, we just hope that all cases come to rest with a favourable decree assigned to each one.


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