For a regular Rajasthani, Rajasthan is all about pride, heritage, festival, food, and culture. For outsiders, Rajasthan is just a barren desert state where people wear bright fluorescent clothes, throw lavish parties and munch on lip-smacking Dal-Baati-Choorma. These 13 pictures will change your views about Rajasthan.

Rajasthan conjures the image of elderly Chieftains leading a convoy of camels and ‘Banjaras’ (nomadic tribes) through sun-parched, sandy deserts. For some, Rajasthan invokes an ‘Arabian Nights’ experience. The colorful culture, the regal buildings, beautiful eyes covered in a fluorescent, translucent veil, warm and welcoming people: Rajasthan is a mesmerizing amalgam of arts, color, culture, royalty, and hospitality. The state pampers them with luxury treatment, leaving them craving for more.

Here are 13 pictures that define the true essence of Rajasthan.

  1. They don’t call Rajasthan the ‘Land of Rajputana’ for no reason. Rajputs, the descendants of ancient kings, form a greater majority of the population. But then, Rajasthan isn’t just about Rajputs. Did you know that the desert state of India accommodates 33 different communities?


  1. If there’s one thing that adds to the value of Rajasthan’s ancient heritage, it’s the royal architecture. The talented artists of Rajasthan have portrayed their talent in buildings and monuments. The Great Wall of Kumbalgarh, the Jantar Mantar, the beautiful Udaipur Palace, the haunted Bhangarh Fort, and the Hawa Mahal are a few noteworthy examples of their talents.


  1. Knowing that Rajasthan was a home to royal families, you’ll find a grand ‘Haveli’ (spacious, big residences) where the kings once lived.


  1. Puppets live to tell famous myths and legends of the desert. Puppetry is an alive form of art that depicts the richness of Rajasthani culture.


  1. The Rajasthanis know how to live their life. They celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm. Teej, Gangaur, Sinjara, Holi, and Diwali are occasions where the entire family comes together to celebrate precious moments of their life.


  1. If you think Rajasthan is just a barren, uninhabited land, you need to think beyond it! Modern Rajasthan is no longer a desert! Lush greenery, date palm, and olive trees surrounding the oasis and well-irrigated fields have revamped its image!


  1. If you ever get a chance to explore Rajasthan, make sure that you shop at local jewelry bazaars. Rajasthan offers some of the best hand-crafted ornaments in the world! Lac bangles are quite popular among women! Lac is a scarlet resinous secretion of lac insects. The material is used for preparing colorful, durable bangles- a must-buy item for all married women!


  1. What’s a Rajput without his ‘Aan, Baan aur Shaan’ (Self-Respect, Honor, and Pride)? In Rajasthan, the ‘Moustache’ is symbolic of male pride!


  1. Some of the best dances of India have originated in the desert. If you head to Jaisalmer, you can see dancers performing ‘Ghoomar,’ one of the most popular dance forms in India. Their outfits, jewelry, and make-up make it all the more enchanting!


  1. Rajasthan doesn’t just survive on Dal-Baati-Choorma. The local chefs have magic in their hands! You’ll find the best savory delicacies in Rajasthan. Laal Maans, Kadhi, Mohanthal, Gatte Ka Sag, Daal Poori, Sev Tamatar, Ghevar: the list goes on and on!


  1. We bet you knew that most of the cities in Rajasthan follow color theme! Jaipur is Pink, Udaipur White, Jaisalmer Yellow and Jodhpur Blue. We don’t know where and when the custom originated, but beautiful, vibrant colors make Rajasthan livelier!


  1. Rajasthan enjoys an extended period of sunlight all throughout the year. Perhaps this is why the government thought of utilizing its solar potential to produce electricity. Presently, Rajasthan is the second largest solar power-producing state in India.


  1. Since we’ve established that Rajasthan is not just desert, you ought to know that plenty of enchanting lakes and rivers lazily meander across the state. River Chambal is the lifeline of the desert whereas Udaipur, having an uncanny resemblance with Venice, is the city of lakes!


Having read the entire article, we bet you’re thinking of catching the next available flight to Rajasthan! You’ll be glad to know that Rajasthan believes in making visitors feel at home. So, when are you flying to Rajasthan next?


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