Rahul Gandhi coca cola

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is famous for his not-so-witty statements and illogical analogies. He comes into limelight very often for his comments. Recently, he was addressing a convention of OBC workers of the Congress. Rahul Gandhi coca cola

To attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, he cited the examples of successful American entrepreneurs but took the analogies too far. His analogies were not relatable and again got trolled. Know more in detail. Rahul Gandhi coca cola

These analogies were meant to point out that the Modi government ignored skills and talent. The government also did not provide the right opportunities to backward classes with entrepreneurial drive. In the context of entrepreneurship, he quoted examples of world’s renowned entrepreneurial brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald. Rahul Gandhi coca cola

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He said that the owner of Coca-Cola used to sell shikanji while the owners of McDonald’s ran a “dhaba” before becoming rich. In this speech of motivation, he described the previous work background of top automobile companies like Ford, Mercedes and Honda. He called them mechanics and their skills were recognised by the meritocratic system in their countries and allowed them to prosper.

Know what he exactly said about these big brands Rahul Gandhi coca cola

“Everyone must have heard about the Coca-Cola company. Who started this company, does anyone know? He sold shikanji in America. He used to mix sugar in water. His talent was honoured and he got money and started the Coca-Cola company,” Rahul said.

He continued by saying, “You must have heard about McDonald’s company, which is seen everywhere. Who started it and what did he do? He used to run a dhaba. You show me a ‘dhabawalla’ in India who has created a company like Coca-Cola. Where is it? Show me one automobile company started by a mechanic.”

Although he tried well to attract the people, things went against him as usual. This was his effort to attack Modi government and his policies but he ended up with illogical statements in front of huge gathering.


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