‘Not his, Rahul Gandhi told Nehru Ji’s Gotra’ CM Raje’s take on RaGa’s Gotra revelation


The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje took a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s latest revelation of his Gotra during a pooja in Pushkar, where he said that he is Dattatreya Brahmin. CM Raje said, ‘Rahul Gandhi revealed Nehru Ji’s Gotra not his’. CM Raje was addressing the public meeting in Nasirabad when she pointed out this issue.

It all started when Rahul Gandhi went to pray at Brahma Temple in Pushkar in Rajasthan during his campaigning on Monday. The priest who performed the rituals, said, ‘Rahul Gandhi said that his Gotra is Dattatreya. Dattatreyas are Kauls and Kauls are Kashmiri Brahmins.’

Further, CM Raje said, ‘People, who used to make fun of us on our temple tours, have started visiting temples. They have started revealing their Gotras in the greed of votes.’ CM Raje further said, ‘Rahul Gandhi hasn’t told own gotra but of Nehru Ji. He should have told his father’s and grandfather’s gotra.’

The mocking RaGa didn’t end here, union minister Giriraj Singh tweeted a clipping from the Bollywood film ‘Jolly LLB’-

Can Rahul Gandhi be a Kaul Brahmin or Kashmiri Pandit?

According to the Hindu belief, the gotra system is traditionally Brahminical and follows the patriarchal system. It further says that one gets his gotra from his father and not mother.

It is clear that Rahul Gandhi was claiming to belong to the Dattatreya gotra on the basis of the lineage of Jawaharlal Nehru, his maternal grandfather. According to historical records, even Indira Gandhi, at the same Pushkar temple had told her gotra be the same as her father.

However, according to sociologists, it is not permitted by Hindu traditions. Even if a person is converted into Hinduism, he never gets a gotra. So, Feroze Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather who was a born Parsi with the real name Feroze Ghandy) would have never got a gotra as per Hindu tradition even if he had converted to Hinduism.




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