The Congress party cannot detach its strings from the controversies. In a recent fray, senior Congress leader from Rajasthan CP Joshi had to bear a jag from Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi directly slammed CP Joshi for his “caste of PM” remarks.

On Thursday, CP Joshi said ‘If anyone is qualified to speak on religion it is the Pandits, the intellectuals, and the Brahmins.’ There is a weird trend in the country where people from different castes are speaking on Hinduism. Uma Bharti, who belongs to the Lodi samaj, is talking about the Hindu religion. Sadhvi Ji also belongs to a different religion and is talking about the Hindu religion. Narendra Modi too belongs to some other religion and talks about Hinduism.’

Thus, claiming that it is only the brahmins who are qualified to speak on the Hindu religion, Congress leader CP Joshi questioned how PM Modi and Uma Bharti are going on and on about Hinduism as they belong to different castes?

After Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, CP Joshi owed him an explanation-

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CP Joshi’s statement on Ram Temple issue

CP Joshi not only questioned the religion of the country’s prime minister but also gave a strident statement about Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir issue. Joshi said, ‘if any government could deliver on the promise of building a Ram temple in Ayodhya, it would be under a Congress prime minister.

Meanwhile, Joshi invoked a controversial chapter from Congress’ past. He said, ‘It was Rajiv Gandhi who opened the lock of the Babri Masjid premise and allowed religious rites inside the disputed structure. Only a Congress prime minister can get the temple built.’

Therefore, the senior Congress leader has stuck in a serious trouble now. CP Joshi is to fight assembly election from Nathdwara seat.


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