Rahul Gandhi

Congress party has witnessed a series of changes after Rahul Gandhi was declared as the party president. Since his joining the party as a President, he was in a bid to create a hi-tech platform across the party network.

He also launched “Project Shakti” for connecting all party workers spread across the country. Recently, personal details of all party workers were seeking to create a database of all party workers. Details like age, caste, creed, educational qualifications and other relevant information have been asked of the party workers. These workers are members of Akhil Bhartiya Congress Committee and State Congress Committee.

Rahul Gandhi

The databank of these ministers is being prepared in Delhi. Reportedly, the databank will facilitate the head party workers in electing the right candidate for the upcoming center elections. Additionally, the databank will also aid in allocating appropriate work profiles to a particular candidate.

Details of the members of AICC, PCC will also be uploaded on the databank. Vital information which is being collected is the number of times a particular candidate has been elected to a particular post, in a particular state.

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The information about caste and creed is being sought by Congress party to strategize a functional plan of winning caste-based votes in particular regions. It is no denying that states like Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh generate votes in the name of caste, as a popular belief.

It is not sooner rather than later that these states are going into election mode. Rahul Gandhi has headed to Amethi and Raebareli for a three-day visit in Uttar Pradesh from today. It is according to the Rahul Gandhi’s representative Chandra Kant that he will be meeting farmers. Apart from that, he will also be inaugurating a private school and a road project.

Currently, the party is likely to be contemplating the Karnataka Assembly polls scheduled for May 12, as it could potentially impact on their strategies for upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. With many policies doing the round, it was former Congress president Sonia Gandhi who furthered the idea of teaming up with incumbent but apparently, the BJP wants to run on it own.


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