CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury hinted that opposition parties will field a joint candidate for the upcoming presidential poll. He is suggestive of Gopal Krishna Gandhi being the final name for the presidential post.

On being asked about the status of Gopal Krishna Gandhi bagging the post, Yechury said, “He is also being considered. He (Gandhi) said that he will consider the post if he is approached by all oppositions together.” Mr. Yechury had met Gandhi a few months ago. Gandhi has served as the Governor of West Bengal.

Had the ruling party (BJP) took any initiative, the consensus would have been possible. Had some input come from BJP, the opposition could have provided a consensus. Incumbent president Pranab Mukherjee could also become a consensus candidate. This clearly indicates that BJP wants a communal supervision of the Constitution,” Yechury claimed.

Yechury slammed BJP for not making any move for Consensus. He said the party is hinting at their desire to choose a president through “Communal supervision of the Constitution”.

“Let the notification of election come. The whole point is that now there will be a situation where the ruling party and the government are waiting for the opposition to announce the candidate. So, they will do the counter. So, we should also wait. Let’s see. The ruling party has to take the initiative,” Mr. Yechury who refused to give other names said.

The past has been evidence that the ruling party puts its proposal before the opposition. If the opposition agrees to the proposal, the concerned candidate gets chosen. Election of APJ Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil has been in the same fashion.

Mr. Yechury signaled that things will only get concrete after a proper notification is issued.

As civilians, we can only hope that the opposition and the incumbent party freeze in a person who can subside political pressure and at the same time, take the right decision for the benefit of the country.


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