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With Rajasthan aggressively following the directives and initiatives of the Central government, this information is no news.

The Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) is planning with the idea of installing cloth machines at various locations in the state.

This initiative is encompassed in a pilot project to provide a feasible alternative to polythene bags, in the wake of government’s order to ban the same.

The polythene bags have been banned in the state because they are polluting agents which choke drains and other sewage lines.

What is the ‘Cloth Bag’ initiative?

Amit Kumar, regional officer of RPSCB, Kota, Amit Kumar Sharma informed that the cloth bag vending machines has been developed with the help of an Udaipur based private company.

“The cost of each cloth bag vending machines is 1.25 lakh. So far, the RPSCB have procured 3 such machines,” he said.

The textile waste which is procured from textile units in Pali district will be used for producing eco-friendly carry bags.

“The machine can dispense 76 bags with two separate hoppers which can accommodate various sizes of bags and each of the cloth bags has to carry capacity of around 4 to 5 kg,” Sharma said.

A total of 9,000 cloth bags have been manufactured by the RSPCB, he said, Hindustan Times reported.

The machine is easy to operate. If bags worth Rs 5 or Rs 10 are to be taken out, then the customer can insert the respective currency coins following which the machine will dispense away the cloth bag.

Prime features of Cloth bag machine

  • LED moving message display for slogans/advertisements
  • Provision for playing sound with USB
  • User friendly
  • Seamless experience

“Usually people do not bring any bag from their home while going for shopping. Hence, they ask for poly bags from shopkeepers but now such machines would dispense cloth bags to help ensure an effective ban on plastic bags and also keep the environment clean,” the RSPCB official said. Many private firms have expressed their interest to invest in the same.


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