Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended the World Economic Forum at Davos and addressed the plenary session as the keynote speaker. He acknowledged the audience with a warm gesture of Namaste and received a loud applause. Speaking in Hindi, he talked about several subjects, right from the ease of doing business in India to the challenges which are a big threat to the world.

Highlighting the key points from his speech, here are 5 things that PM Modi addressed at the plenary session:

India Since 1997

PM Modi said that the last time an Indian Prime Minister had attended the forum in Davos when Shri Deve Gowda was invited to the summit in 1997 and since then India has come a long way. In the last two decades, the GDP of India which was just a little more than 400 BILLION Dollars has grown up to 6 times.

He said that in 1997, the theme of the meet was “building the network society” but today we have achieved a lot more in the form of big data and artificial intelligence.

Advancement in technology

PM Modi stated that with the growing amount of data, the need is arising to have a command over the abundant data and challenges are also growing with the advancement in technology.

Similarly, the areas of cyber security and nuclear safety are giving way to new opportunities as well as challenges. As the technology is advancing at a fast pace, it’s also giving rise to powers that can be equally destructive for humankind.

Vasudev Kutumbakam

‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ is a Sanskrit term mentioned by Indian thinkers in ancient literatures. It means that the entire world is a family and we all share a bond with each other. This philosophy is relevant to bridge the gap and can bring all of us closer in harmony with each other.

Challenges Faced by the World

PM Modi pointed out today world is facing major challenges like climate change and terrorism that need to be resolved with combined efforts. He also pointed out that protectionism is a big threat to globalization. While talking about terrorism, he said that the artificial difference between good and bad terror is an issue which is more dangerous than terrorism itself.

Ease of Business in India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister explained as to how India is making several efforts for easing business in India by ending license raj. He said that India is “removing red tape” and laying down the “red carpet” to welcome global business houses to invest in India. He also talked about easing govt policies to facilitate travelling and manufacturing in India.


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