PM Modi arrives in Wuhan to meet Xi Jinping; will mitigate issues plaguing India-China relations

PM Modi in Wuhan

PM Modi is on a trip to Wuhan to meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping and what’s more? The deteriorated relations, or so it appeared between China and India during the Doklam dispute last year are to be repaired at a summit on April 27-28. PM Modi in Wuhan

The summit will encompass a “heart-to-heart” informal meeting. This is also expected to open another chapter of fruitful relationships between Doklam relations. PM Modi in Wuhan

PM Modi in Wuhan

The tour to Wuhan is a highly tedious trip for PM Modi as well as Xi. The schedule is packed with a museum trip, dinner by lakeside and discussions with top officials. What’s interesting to know is that the minister will converse with each other at “relaxed meetings” like a boat ride.

In his departure statement, Modi said, “President Xi and I will exchange views on a range of issues of bilateral and global importance. We will discuss our respective visions and priorities for national development, particularly in the context of current and future international situation. We will also review the developments in the India-China relations from a strategic and long-term perspective,”

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Earlier, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman had said that Lu Kang said Xi and Modi have “a good working relationship and personal friendship.”

“The two sides agreed that an informal meeting would be a good idea so that the two leaders would make full and in-depth exchanges on major issues of common concern in a suitable atmosphere,” Lu said.

The two will also have Gujarati dishes on their dinner menu. Both countries have recently sought to accommodate each other’s concerns.


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