Pariksha par Charcha

Examinations are important step in order to move ahead in life. Passing exams or failing them tells about the preparations of the students. There are also times when students prepare well but not able to perform well in the exams. In fact, there are times when students not even grasp the study material efficiently due to stress and pressure. Undoubtedly, the exams days are stressful for not only the students but also the family. There are lots of instances when students committed suicide on failing exams as well as not securing good marks. This is a challenging situation which needs to be dealt. Due to lack of counseling or inadequate communication, students take such kind of steps. Hence, it is important to understand the mental status of students and put them at ease. This time our PM Narendra Modi has decided to deal with the situation himself. This program is aimed for the students appearing in boards.

Pariksha par Charcha

Last week, he published a book ‘Exam Warriors’. In this, he shared that ways to deal with the stress of the exam. On 16th February, he will be addressing 2500 students face-to-face in the Talkatora Stadium through video conferencing. This program will be broadcasted live at schools and colleges too.

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Indeed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly asked the students to take the exam normally and not take unnecessary stress for this in the program. But this time the Prime Minister has decided to ‘directly discuss the exam’ with the students. This program will be for an hour.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar shared that approximately 10 million students are expected to participate. The information about the program is shared by PM through his twitter account. He also asked the students to their experiences about the exams and ways to overcome them. He will also address these things during his session. Pariksha par Charcha


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