Does a random allegation take much? No, all it takes is the effort to fabricate exaggerated stories and use it to plant angst amongst political parties. A very prudent decision is chided and slammed by journalists merely to create controversial content for their sites. Journalism today is taking an inhumane turn and has perhaps lost its true essence of being informative to the Aam Aadmi. It is a sad reality but the bottom line is that it is the reality.

One recent example of misuse of power by journalists was seen in the state and it’s distressing. A policy which got implemented in 2009 for the right reasons – for protecting the misuse of benefits to poor, for ensuring the benefits reach the needy, is being carried out till date. However, we fail to understand why it is being condemned and ridiculed suddenly. And the most surprising part is that the initiators of this policy have become its top most complainants, in today’s time.

We are talking about the BPL families having to write “I am Poor” on their walls. Entirely driven by the idea of eradicating any possibility of wastage of resources allocated for the poor, this idea has now been planted as a source of agitation amongst the BPL families.

Opposition hatched a conspiracy…

The decision which was taken by Ashok Gehlot-led-Congress government in 2009 is being chided by them in today’s time. Not only this, “Poverty is only a state of mind,” said Rajasthan Congress Chief Sachin Pilot. If the chief of a political party can equate poverty to a state of mind, the party can go to any extent in ridiculing the poor. It is nothing but inhumane!

CM Raje gives full support to BPL families. Here’s how

The Raje government has put in place a galaxy of schemes to ensure maximum transfer of benefits to the poor and the needy. The transformation of ration shops to Annapurna Rasois has made it possible for all BPL families to procure their ration in the most seamless manner possible. CM Raje has linked the Bhamashah card with bank accounts to ensure maximum transparency and high effectiveness.

For the purpose of ensuring that no shrewd individual puts ration in their kitty and exploit the poor, this activity is being exercised. But, like every good thing has to face resistance, this too is being a bizarre act. But in reality, through this exercise, Raje government has tracked down 2.33 crore fake ration cards after since 2013 and reiterated the righteous benefit of transfer which every BPL family is worth.


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