WhatsApp Payment

Whatsapp was earlier only a messaging app for Indians. Now, Indians have a new facility of making payments directly on Whatsapp. This facility will be backed by Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The feature is available for both iOs and Whatsapp users. The new feature will enable users to remit payments to their bank accounts. WhatsApp Payment 

However, the Whatsapp payments do not enable payments to merchants and other sites. However, some expect that this service will start soon.

How can you send money through Whatsapp:

  1. Add the payee in your Whatsapp account
  2. Send payments to the contact as and when you like WhatsApp Payment 


How to install the Whatsapp payment feature: 

Go to settings and tap on “Payments”. If you cannot see any tab of payments, don’t worry. The new feature might take some time in reaching all devices. But if you have got the payments section in the settings, then don’t wait. Here is what you should do. Accept the terms and conditions of the Whatsapp payments feature. WhatsApp Payment 

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  1. The mobile number will be verified by Whatsapp.
  2. The bank accounts linked with that number will automatically appear on the screen.
  3. Pick one bank account in which you’d want to receive the payments.
  4. Enter the debit card details linked to the bank account.
  5. The payee should also have his bank account linked to his Whatsapp to remove the bank account.
  6. Like you tap on attachment section for sending images and videos, the same way you can send payments.

WhatsApp Payments Setup WhatsApp Payment 

The bank account of the user wanting to send funds should be registered with Whatsapp. The important requirement is that the Whatsapp number should be linked to the bank account. So if you want to send or receive payments through a bank account on Whatsapp, ensure that the number associated with the bank account is same as that on Whatsapp.


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