Comforting news for all the students who do not have an identity document. You no more require an identity document to fill up a college admission form in Rajasthan. Now you can use your Facebook or Gmail account to fill up the form as per a directive that is issued by the Rajasthan College education department.

The Rajasthan College education department has allowed Facebook and Gmail account along with Aadhaar and Bhamashah cards for ‘single sign-on identity’ (SSOI) registration in its admission policy for 2016-17. Earlier, only Aadhaar and Bhamashah cards were allowed for SSOI registration.

This move to make Facebook and Gmail accounts obligatory as identities for college admissions has come at a point of time when the Centre is already trying to make Aadhaar card mandatory to avail all essential services.

In May, during the training for the online admission process held in the state capital, participants were clued-up that the college education department has allowed Facebook and Gmail account for SSOI registration, as stated by Lalita Mehta. Lalita Mehta is the principal of the Government Girls College in Barmer.  She also stated that the students have also been informed about the details regarding this.

Thousands of students have taken the advantage of this facility already and filled up forms using Facebook accounts. However, according to the sources currently, it is not possible to figure out how many students have used Facebook accounts for SSOI registration.

After the new norms for SSOI registration were decided, the center organized a workshop at the Government Girls College Barmer. At this workshop, both the officials from the information and technology department and e-Mitra took part and were guided on SSOI registration with Facebook and Gmail accounts.

This initiative has solved the problems of many students without an identity card. Recognizing Facebook and Gmail accounts as identity cards is a boon for many.

Those who have not availed the benefits of this initiative taken by the center, what are you waiting for?


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