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We’ve been using Whatsapp for connecting with friends, video calling our long-distance relatives and broadcasting messages for a social cause or an event. However, Haryana horticulture department is braced up to resolve vitamin deficiency in the country through Whatsapp. Sounds bizarre, but it’s true! Upbeat over the success of its community gardening project, the horticulture department of Haryana decided to promote local homeowners as entrepreneurs. The department will create a vegetable market on Whatsapp for state residents, where they can sell organic fruits and vegetables produced in their homes.

Initially, the homegrown goodies will be supplied to neighbouring districts in Haryana only. In time, the communities will rope in Delhi, Rajasthan and nearby states, before they turn it into a national project.

Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables on Whatsapp—The first of Its Kind Move in India

On October 1, 2016, the government of Haryana started this initiative, wherein they involved 70 passionate gardeners and farmers who’ve a flair for kitchen gardening. The government allotted them lands on lease in Tikli village, near Badshahpur, where they can grow their favourite fruits and vegetables in kitchen gardens.

The project received wonderful response and many families signed up for this endeavour. Tons of fresh greens were produced within a few months. A few community farmers proposed to take this organic produce to local households. This is how the department thought of turning this gardening project into a feasible business model. The idea was to kill two birds with one stone—provide employment and opportunity to local households and supply chemical-free, fresh-from-the-field products to satisfy cravings.

Since Whatsapp was the easiest way to reach out to customers, the participants decided to use this platform for broadcasting their idea.

Green Leaf India & Haryana Horticulture Department Bond Over Whatsapp Fruit Market

Green Leaf India, a patron of organic farming volunteered to help community members to connect with buyers through Whatsapp groups. According to district horticulture officer Deen Mohammad Khan, they are currently working on their marketing campaigns. They’ll help community members in involving their neighbours, relatives, friends and potential customers who crave for healthy greens.

The department is planning to set up a new office for central processing, distribution, storage and delivery. A team will be appointed to collect produce from community gardens and dispatch it to the customers.

How will you get 100% natural fruits and vegetables on Whatsapp?

Because, the business will be run by local residents and families so, there are less chances of frauds and chemical applications. Currently, 148 farmers are involved in this project in Gurgaon. In the second phase, the department will involve 70 urban farmers to increase the fruit/vegetable supply.

If you intend to order vegetables on Whatsapp, you can get more information on this helpline number 0124-2324067. Since homegrown organic products are sold at half the prices of chemically produced fruits and vegetables, the owners are hopeful that the sales will skyrocket in time. Soon, India will eat good and feel good!


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