Dodha post—the base of most commercial drugs is extracted from the leftovers of opium poppy after extracting poppy tears (milk) from the narcotic plant. The substance may not be as strong as the plant nectar, but it has intoxicating properties. The temporary feeling of ‘euphoria’ that the substance induces in the habitual users motivates them to use the Doda post over and over again. Consumers slowly get addicted to the narcotics, without realizing its properties. Eventually, they’re overpowered by the urge of fighting opium and its derivatives.

Addiction to Dodha post is a major issue in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The drug slowly lures innocent bystanders and whisks them away to the world of addiction. Things worsened in Rajasthan until the state government decided to intervene. Initially, the government imposed a ban on the supply of Dodha post. Later, they restricted its usage on prescription in the government hospitals only. In 2016, they restricted its supply altogether.


Despite imposing a legal ban on doda posts in Rajasthan, the authorities haven’t been able to control the number of doda post addicts. Realizing the gravity of the situation, a native doctor from Jalore, Rajasthan thought of resolving this situation through online consultation. Dr. Dilip Karan Singh Rathore, now based in America, gives psychiatric consultation to the addicts via webinars and Skype videos thrice a week. His efforts have produced positive results so far.

Dr. Rathore collaborated with a Rajasthan-based NGO Godawan Sanrakshan Sansthan to rescue 102 dodha post addicts within three months. Rathore counseled hardcore addicts and prescribed medicines to help them control their urges. Dr. Rathore, an expert in this subject, got his MBBS degree from Jodhpur. He was approached by Mr. Malsingh Jamada, secretary, Godawan Sanrakshan Sansthan.

According to Mr. Jamada, though the government had organized de-addiction camps for the addicts, it was essential to stay in touch with them. Many didn’t benefit from the camps because it was difficult for doctors to follow up with a large group of addicts. Face-to-face meetings weren’t possible, but we live in the age of technology that effectively dissolves all barriers.

Both Mr. Jamada and Dr. Rathore joined hands to offer online consultation for doda addicts. Out of 203 addicts that took this treatment, 102 had totally quit the habit till date. Even the addicts were satisfied with online consultation because they no longer have to spend loads of money on clinical consultations.

Dr. Rathore is available for consultation from Friday to Sunday on a regular basis. Together, they strive to create an addiction-free state. Folks, who’re desperately seeking help for their addiction issues can approach the NGO or consult Dr. Rathore for the long-term solution.


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